These companies offer services and products that I have personally used and recommend. Affiliate links have no influence on my recommendations and are marked with an *.


WP Engine* – is powered by WP Engine, and their performance is worth every penny. This is “managed WordPress hosting” at it’s finest. 20% discount off your first payment if you want to use the link from this page.
Kinsta* – Their performance is the same blazing speed as WP Engine, and the support is top notch as well. In addition, they offer SSH access with WP-CLI. Very solid offering and highly recommended.
A2 Hosting* – I use them for several client sites and this is pretty much the fastest shared hosting money can buy.
Cloudways* – This is managed VPS hosting (not limited to WordPress), and they do a good job of keeping it pretty simple. I use their hosting for a few client sites and performance is crazy fast. Support has been great any time I’ve needed their assistance.

WP Development & Maintenance

If you need assistance with custom development or need someone to help you maintain your WordPress site, check out our recommended consultants.

VPS Hosting (unmanaged)

DigitalOcean* – All of our servers run on DO droplets, and their reliability is the best I’ve encountered in the last few years.


Easy Digital Downloads* – Sell digital products with a huge number of extensions for amazing flexibility. Naturally, this is how we sell our services and plugins.
WP Offload Media – Store your images on Amazon S3 or DigitalOcean Spaces. This speeds up your image delivery, reduces the load on your web server, and can save you lots of storage space. Free version also available.
WP Retina 2x – Generate 2x versions of your images to make your site look fabulous on Retina and High-DPI devices. Free version also available.
WPML – Build multilingual sites with WordPress to reach a global audience.

A good resource for finding the top plugins in various categories is


Of course, my first option would be our own Easy IO, but some folks just want a regular CDN. The Easy IO front-end is powered by BunnyCDN*, which is super reliable and speedy too.

Easy IO also works with S3 buckets, and I recommend WP Offload Media for getting your media into S3.


BrowserStack -Test your website for cross browser compatibility on real browsers and make sure your visitors are seeing the same thing you do. Instant access to multiple browsers, desktop and mobile.
Helpscout* – Treat your customers like people, not numbers, and keep them satisfied. Personal favorite feature is Traffic Cop that keeps you from sending a message if you’ve received another message from the customer while you were typing.
Loggly – Send all your server logs to one place, and they get indexed for quick and easy searching. Their derived fields are super helpful for custom logs, and let you run all sorts of measurements on your data.
MailChimp* – Mailing lists that just work plus automation features that work even when you’re not.
MalCare* – Secure your site with a firewall, advanced heuristic scanning, and brute force login protection. Securing your site is not an option, it’s a necessity.
ManageWP – Manage multiple WordPress sites from one place. Flexible pricing lets you choose from standard plugin/theme management, backups (super awesome backup system), performance and security scanning, and more.
NodePing* – Monitor all the things, and make sure they stay online. They have a fantastic array of monitors and notifications that you can setup, they are cheap, simple, and have great support. You can also create a custom status page with the NodePing Status plugin for WordPress.
Postmark – Make sure your transactional emails are delivered. Very useful for things like purchase confirmations, password resets, etc.

Free Images

Some folks, when they get an email about “free image credits” have mistakenly thought that we were offering them free stock photos or something like that. No, we do image compression, not stock photography. However, there are some fantastic folks who are generous enough to share their fine work, and the good folks at WIHT (WhoIsHostingThis) have put together a great resource of free image sites. Hope you like it!