The story of the EWWW Image Optimizer began shortly after our son was born in 2012. I love web development, and saw a need for an image optimization plugin that would work (reliably) on sites using shared hosting. I created EWWW I.O. (forked from the CW Image Optimizer) to help those, like me, who needed an easier way to optimize the images on their site. After 500 downloads in a week, I realized the need was bigger than I anticipated. I continued developing the plugin in my spare time and kept looking for ways to make image optimization available for everyone. The next phase in the development of EWWW I.O. was the inclusion of pre-built tools: jpegtran, optipng, and gifsicle. The user-base continued to grow, but the myriad of Linux distributions and operating systems in use by various web hosts made it impossible for everyone to take advantage of EWWW I.O.

On September 24, 2013 I launched the API which allowed everyone to use EWWW I.O. It filled in the gaps that couldn’t be filled by the free plugin. The whole point of the API was to help make image optimization accessible to everyone, and it allowed all the API users to share the cost of offloading image optimization to third-party servers. In 2014, I was talking with a couple users about some promising compression technologies (JPEGmini and TinyPNG), but they were pretty expensive for the average person. By taking advantage of the cost-sharing nature of the API, I was able to make both of these incredible tools available to everyone that uses the API.

Way back in 2012, I had a choice to make. I could provide EWWW I.O. with absolutely no commitment, no support, just “as-is” or I could try to help the folks who were trying to use this plugin that I had released. My Grandpa was the type of person to help you with anything he could. He was such a servant to family and friends (and even people he just met), that we would have to keep from telling him things sometimes because he would try to do more than he was physically able to handle. He couldn’t see a need and NOT fill it. My dad is much the same, and that passion for helping people has carried over to me. I couldn’t just sit by and watch people that needed help with optimizing their images. From the very beginning, I’ve done what I could to help those using EWWW I.O. and to this day my heart for helping people remains the same.

In short, EWWW I.O. is about making image optimization available to everyone, and helping them achieve success in making their websites as fast as possible. Whether your website is just a job, a hobby, or your passion, I’m here to help make your masterpiece shine.