Seth’s Monkeys, A Review

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You have to admit, that’s a cute little bugger!

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a thoughtful monkey

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Some things are better left unsaid…

–some guy that was smart

inline tests

Does the new inline editing of images help you make images the right size? Maybe, but not automatically.

The main benefit is that you can now edit the image size directly in the page and make it the right size (assuming you know what that is). And that’s not much better than before, because you can already choose between multiple sizes auto-generated when you upload an image.

Imsanity 2.7 is coming, woot! Here’s a test image:


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Zona Hotelera CancĂșn

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And what next? How about a GIF that’s really a WebP image!

Like that? How about another!

More tests

The stuff in the box, is not as it should be…

Hopefully, we can pin this sucker down, no pun intended. Yeah, lookin’ at you, Pinterest schema image!

For our PNG autoconvert testing, here’s a few good ones!

[metaslider id=52001 cssclass=””]
All the stuff!

GIFs Get Greater

Need to test out some LQIP sauce for GIF images, let’s see what we can do!

PNG Placeholder Problem

Here are some images which should make interesting test candidates for lazy load + LQIP. What do we do with PNG? Obviously big ones need placeholders, as they are often used (mistakenly) where JPG images would be better. So generate a nice JPG LQIP…

But what about small PNG images? What will happen. Let’s find out!

image tutorial 3

Breitlahn wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Probably with horses and dogs especially.

I feel a need for speed
Boys racing cars in pinewood derby with 8" cars

Isn’t that cool!

Very interesting.

S3 + ExactDN Test

Run, Javan, Run!

Need to see what ExactDN does when we throw a path-style S3 url at it. Fun and games, I’m sure!

image test 2


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Here comes a gallery, woooooooo!

One more image for the article:

A lovely building…

Some background image tests for edge cases…

Starting with a really tall image that will test the height detection.

how tall is it?

And then a really wide one, to see if that breaks anything.


good times